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The ingredients of Electronic Cigarettes varies because of the many different brands and flavors. But the main ingredients in e cigs are nicotine Propylene Glycol,Vegetable Glycerin,water and artificial  flavors.Although,nicotine is highly addictive but using electronic cigarettes are far less harmful than using regular tobacco products such as smoke and smokeless tobacco,which has many cancer causing chemicals, When comparing the ingredients that's in cigarettes and other tobacco products to the ingredients that are in electronic cigarettes is definitely a no brainer.

The top on the list would be the V2 E cig they seem to last a little longer than its competitors With a smooth taste and feel it comes in full and menthol flavors You can also buy the rechargeable e cigs that comes in a pack of 5.The number 2 best electronic cigarette would be the Halo brand e cigs which are known for its many flavors So, if flavors are your thing then this would be the brand for you :The Halo's Triton Tank Starter kit comes with a nice leather case and its vapor production is known for its huge clouds of vapor.The number 3 Best Electronic Cigarette would be Apollo e-cigs which is recommended for the 1st class e-cig smokers.They offer a ego style battery whick extends battery life and increases the vapor.Plus with the Apollo E-cigs they can be filled with any E-Liquid.With 5 starter kits t choose from this is definitely one of he better products.

There are hundreds of different types of e-cigs to choose available for your pleasure Which, includes disposable e cigs and rechargeable e cigs.They come in all types of flavors from bubble gum to menthol whatever suits your taste.The nicotine level varies in e cigs so its important that you pick the amount that your more comfortable with consuming.And unlike cigarette smoke there is no smell to affect the ones around you.It is literally vapor that fades away in seconds.It gives you that real cigarette feel without the many harmful chemicals and smell.Electronic cigarettes are a great choice if you are interested in quitting smoking Go ahead and take your fist step in to quitting smoking; E-Cigs are the pathway to kicking the habit of cigarettes to the curve.

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Electronic cigarettes reviews

best electronic cigarettes review

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Best Electronic Cigarettes e-cigs

Best electronic cigarettes 

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